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OTT Women on TV Delivers Women ages 25-60 with 85% of the Household Purchasing Power.

A whopping 56 million households have already unplugged from cable or never paid to begin with. Women viewers are finding programming specific to their interests and needs streaming on ROKU, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and through the internet, and Women on TV is capturing 300,000 of these women monthly. These women are entrepreneurs, professionals and moms who are looking to Women on TV for information and entertainment.

Why partner with Women on TV?

Our programming draws women because it has been created by them and for them. Women on TV delivers not only women viewers but programming associated with their interests and needs such as Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Art, Culinary and Décor.

Women on TV Offers:

  • Outreach – not only will advertisements be seen by program viewers but the hundreds of thousands of host fans who follow a specific show via the internet.
  • Demographics – advertisers who want to target niche markets, in addition to women aged 25-60, can choose specific programming.
  • Innovative Marketing Initiatives – you will become part of the Women on TV family.
  • Expanded Customer Base – advertisers are encouraged to interact with our viewers and hosts through social media.

what is

Women on TV?

Women on TV is the first OTT TV network providing original programming created for women. The network is available to a direct OTT audience of an estimated 30 million women and growing, and streams on ROKU, Chromecast, AppleTV, Amazon Fire and other Internet TV networks. All Women on TV programming is live, streamed and on-demand. Each channel is branded and free to visitors.

The innovative network provides entertaining and informative programming which targets the interests and needs of women.

How will Women improve
your brand and profits?

be front & center

of the fastest growing community. Women hold 85% of the household Buying Power.

be first!

Women on TV is the first and only OTT Network dedicated to programming for women. You can be part of a ground-breaking outlet for women.


After two years of quality programming, our viewers trust us. We can help you establish credibility with women, and expand your brand.

marketing intiatives

Your brand will be represented across our vast marketing initiatives including email campaigns, advertising, PR, SEO, podcasts, social media (posts/FB lives/events), live & virtual events, print, blogging, and partner opportunities.


in the press

We have a comprehensive media plan, and your brand will be represented in our press releases, articles, interviews, TV spots and radio.

add value

By supporting Women on TV and our Hosts, you support the community of women you are trying to reach.

global exposure

Women on TV Show Hosts, along with their fan bases, are from the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and emerging with strength is the Middle East and Africa. Our TV Show Hosts and marketing efforts will target people and companies in all of those areas.


Cookie-Cutter is not our style. Women on TV will work with you to measure engagement and activation, create customized campaigns, and discuss on and off-site opportunities at live/virtual events. And if there is an idea you have that we haven’t thought of or discussed, bring it to us. We want to explore mutually beneficial opportunities, always. Especially with our partners.

support women

Bottom line, we are working tirelessly to reach women globally so we can contribute to the betterment of their lives. Partnering with Women on TV gives you the opportunity to reach the women looking for our unique perspective.

We are The Voice of Women.

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