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Coffee with Claire with Guest Michelle Bardwell S2 Ep1. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 16, TAKING ON THE CHALLENGE OF HIGH-RISK CREATIVE WORK Do you know the difference between improv , stand up and sketch comedy?   Improv is much different from stand-up comedy since nothing is scripted. Stand-up comedians get the chance to rehearse their performance before they go on stage. And it’s not sketch […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Shea Boothe S1 Ep13. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 13, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF SO YOU CAN CARE FOR OTHERS As women, we have a tendency to take care of everyone else, and then at the end of the day, almost feel guilty if we put our feet up and relax for a moment. But, you know what? If you […]

Small Business Evolution Episode 6 with Guest The Superbwoman, Janet Neal

Watch every fourth Thursday at 12:00 CST. Donna Miller interviews Founder & Queen Bee of The Superbwoman, Janet Neal as they share their experiences and insights on work/life integration.  Let's face it, being a business is HARD. Sometimes it feels like and impossible feat to simply unplug and find time to step away from your […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Billy Johnson S1 Ep12. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 12, SERVANT LEADERSHIP: SHOWING UP RATHER THAN TELLING   Have you heard of the term Servant Leadership? It’s something that I embodied long before I had a definition. Simply put, a servant leader prioritizes the needs of customers, employees and communities first.So, as a boss, it’s about people before paperwork. It’s […]

Small Business Evolution with Donna Miller and Guest Angela Kubisky S1E5 12:00pm

Watch every fourth Friday at 12:00pm CST. Do you run a values driven organization? Do you operate from a place of gratitude in everything you do? Join Donna Miller and Executive VP of the Morris Country Chamber of Commerce, Angela Kubisky, for an 30 minute power-packed segment of all things values and culture. Get ready […]

Small Business Evolution S1E4 with Donna Miller

Watch every fourth Thursday at 12:00pm CST. Listen in to Donna's interview with "The LinkedIn Guy", Julbert Abraham, of Abraham Global Marketing and his inspirational story of how he rose to the top. Oh, and pick up some expert tips on how to build your social strategy from someone who truly knows his stuff. Celebrates One Year Anniversary October 1. Thank you!

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Small Business Evolution on Get More Results

Watch Small Business Evolution with Donna Miller the last Thursday of every month at 12:00pm CST.

Women Uncuffed with host Caprice Smith

Get ready with Millennial Force Poet K. Diamonique. Learn 3 Ways To Win as an Entrepreneur, Caprice Smith, The Uncuffed Living Expert gets the inside scoop on how to get ready. Check her out at or

Coffee with Claire: Guest David Rose: “Listen, Watch, Concentrate”. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show Episode 20, Coffee With Claire, with Guest David Rose; “Listen, Watch, Concentrate”   In improv, even when we are not on stage under the lights,we are listening off stage, so we can hop in and add to the scene at a moment’s notice…and not take it way off course. This is one […]

Coffee with Claire Special Presentation: Yes, And… Watch every Friday at 9am CST

SPECIAL EPISODE (#8): YES, AND... In this special episode of “Coffee With Claire,” Claire speaks to a group of business leaders to help them lighten up their workstyle.  This was not a sitcom or stand-up, but rather a completely unscripted idea of how to make people interact with one another.Learn to live in improv and […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Paola Saibene S1 Ep15. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 15, LEVERAGING THE DIGITAL WORLD TO DESIGN YOUR FUTURE We talk a lot about communication on Coffee with Claire. I guess you’ve figured out I really like to talk! But, things are changing. We have more opportunities to reach out to others like never before, with social media and many specialized […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Sandra Lewis E17. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 17, GETTING THE "THING" OUT OF THE WAY SO WE CAN GET TO "WHY."  With guest Sandra Lewis.   Many times in life we get caught up in “the thing” of a conversation rather than the “why” of the moment.  An object may set up a conversation or interaction, but the […]

Small Business Evolution

Donna and Esther get their hands dirty as they dive deeper into the nitty gritty challenges and triumphs of being a successful small business owner and better yet, in the insurance industry! Learn how to break through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving victory in your business.

Get Results TV with Host Jean Oursler and Guest Tracy Fink

Host Jean Oursler, the Results Queen with Guest Tracy Fink

The Strategic Minds Show (S2 Ep3)

About the Show The Strategic Minds Show is a hot, fresh and empowering series -- hosted by Kimberly A. Ferguson ( focused on helping YOU achieve and maintain success in your personal and professional lives! This episode features Zara D. Green and Alfred A. Edmond Jr., authors of Loving in the Grown Zone: A No-Nonsense […]

Coffee with Claire S1 Ep5 with Guest Wendi McGowan-Ellis

About the Show EPISODE 5, BEING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN: WORK ON FINDING THE GOOD IN YOU There’s so much pressure on all of us to look a certain way. We see examples of it every day in magazines, movies, and even on TV. It’s funny how we have lost sight of how part […]

Media Traffic with Tracey Bond

Media Traffic Show Episode Seven - FutureofPR Flippin PR Pitches w/ Tracey Bond Media #MaskOffChallenge Watch now on IG: MediaTrafficShow T: @mediatrafficsho Produced at PR

Coffee with Claire: Guest Jayne Rios: Monetization Guru and Founder of Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show with Guest Jayne Rios, Co-Founder Episode 21: Where does trust come from?   Where does trust come from?  Hint:  It never comes from the good times and easy projects.   We trust people because they showed up for tough assignments.  Because they told the truth even when it was hard to […]

Media Traffic E6 with Tracey Bond: Magnetizing Your Media Message

About the show Episode 6: Magnetizing Your Media Message is essential for courting audience attraction. Tune in as Tracey Bond, Media Traffic PR Tv Show Host and Double Agent: Chief Virtual Publicist & US Press Agent at Prolific Personage PR equips viewers with 2017 PR industry standard tips!