Cindy Uncorked!

Cindy Uncorked S1 Ep8 Did I do the right thing. Dealing with Mothers Guilt

Cindy Ashton is the TV host of #CindyUncorked, professional speaker, singer / entertainer and presentation and communications skills trainer. She has received awards from both President Obama & the Queen of England for her lifetime of volunteerism and has appeared in multiple media including on the front page of the lifestyle section of the Times, […]

CIndy Uncorked: What’s Hidden in your Food? / In this episode, we look at something that is hidden in our food that causes us to be addicted to eating. Plus we learn how to make a delicious gluten free dish with Matthew White of HGS home chef store and school.  At the end of the show, Cindy shares how to […]

Cindy Uncorked S1 Ep5: “I know I am not Eating Right But I Just Can’t Seem to Stop”

About This Episode / In this episode, we start off with Cindy learning how to fly a WW2 piper cub plane at the Great Barrington airport. Then we tackle yet another important topic with our expert, Nina Manolson. We look at the deep truths around why we know we are not eating right […]

Cindy Uncorked S1 Ep7: Train Your Brain for Success

About the Show / In this episode, Jill Hewlett gives us the scoop on how stress decreases brain function and how to train your brain for success. Our adventure takes up back to Great Barrington Airport where Cindy learns how to fly a WW2 piper cub plane. At the end of the show, […]

S1E02: Sexuality in the Workplace. Appropriate or Not? In this episode, we open with part 2 of our Tanzanian adventure with African Club Dances NYC. Jamie Dawn enlightens us on how sexuality in the workplace can be appropriate. And Cindy shares a great exercise to get into your feminine power!

S1E04: Almost Naked ~Down With Body Shaming In this episode, Cindy strips it off to reveal her scars and spark an important conversation about body shaming. Throughout the episode, you will hear stories of overcoming body shaming from several of our viewers + get sage advice on how to love yourself more.

S1E03: What You Don’t Know About Breast Cancer Treatment Will Change Your Life Forever

t In this episode, we open with a lesson from Marti Wolfson on how to cook to heal and prevent cancer. Then breast cancer surgeon Dr. Tihesha Wilson shares little known facts about treatment that make a significant difference in a women's recover. And Cindy shares insight into how to help someone who is going […]

S1E01: The Power of the Vagina to Heal Trauma In the debut episode of #CindyUncorked, we learn tanzanian dancing, the science between trauma and your vagina and how to stay in your power when in conflict. Plus, we hit the streets of NYC to find out how everyday people feel about their vaginas!