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Coffee with Claire with Guest Michelle Bardwell S2 Ep1. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 16, TAKING ON THE CHALLENGE OF HIGH-RISK CREATIVE WORK Do you know the difference between improv , stand up and sketch comedy?   Improv is much different from stand-up comedy since nothing is scripted. Stand-up comedians get the chance to rehearse their performance before they go on stage. And it’s not sketch […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Shea Boothe S1 Ep13. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 13, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF SO YOU CAN CARE FOR OTHERS As women, we have a tendency to take care of everyone else, and then at the end of the day, almost feel guilty if we put our feet up and relax for a moment. But, you know what? If you […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Billy Johnson S1 Ep12. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 12, SERVANT LEADERSHIP: SHOWING UP RATHER THAN TELLING   Have you heard of the term Servant Leadership? It’s something that I embodied long before I had a definition. Simply put, a servant leader prioritizes the needs of customers, employees and communities first.So, as a boss, it’s about people before paperwork. It’s […]

Coffee with Claire: Guest David Rose: “Listen, Watch, Concentrate”. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show Episode 20, Coffee With Claire, with Guest David Rose; “Listen, Watch, Concentrate”   In improv, even when we are not on stage under the lights,we are listening off stage, so we can hop in and add to the scene at a moment’s notice…and not take it way off course. This is one […]

Coffee with Claire Special Presentation: Yes, And… Watch every Friday at 9am CST

SPECIAL EPISODE (#8): YES, AND... In this special episode of “Coffee With Claire,” Claire speaks to a group of business leaders to help them lighten up their workstyle.  This was not a sitcom or stand-up, but rather a completely unscripted idea of how to make people interact with one another.Learn to live in improv and […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Paola Saibene S1 Ep15. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 15, LEVERAGING THE DIGITAL WORLD TO DESIGN YOUR FUTURE We talk a lot about communication on Coffee with Claire. I guess you’ve figured out I really like to talk! But, things are changing. We have more opportunities to reach out to others like never before, with social media and many specialized […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Sandra Lewis E17. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 17, GETTING THE "THING" OUT OF THE WAY SO WE CAN GET TO "WHY."  With guest Sandra Lewis.   Many times in life we get caught up in “the thing” of a conversation rather than the “why” of the moment.  An object may set up a conversation or interaction, but the […]

Coffee with Claire S1 Ep5 with Guest Wendi McGowan-Ellis

About the Show EPISODE 5, BEING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN: WORK ON FINDING THE GOOD IN YOU There’s so much pressure on all of us to look a certain way. We see examples of it every day in magazines, movies, and even on TV. It’s funny how we have lost sight of how part […]

Coffee with Claire: Guest Jayne Rios: Monetization Guru and Founder of Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show with Guest Jayne Rios, Co-Founder Episode 21: Where does trust come from?   Where does trust come from?  Hint:  It never comes from the good times and easy projects.   We trust people because they showed up for tough assignments.  Because they told the truth even when it was hard to […]

Coffee with Claire S1 Ep4 Improv Comedy with ComedySportz Dallas CEO Von Daniel

About the Show EPISODE 4, WE LIVE IN IMPROV: LIVING LIFE ON THE SPOT When I tell people I do improv, they are amazed. And I am amazed that they are amazed. Because here’s a secret, folks, —we all live in improv! No one hands us a script in the morning and says “this is […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Michael Peticolas S1 Ep14. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 14, UNLOCKING THE SECRET OF A BOLD LIFE   Do you have a secret dream of trying something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to go after it and give it a try? Why not? Fear of failure? Is letting a dream pass you by a success?Others […]

Coffee with Claire: Higher Percentage Choices with Guest Susan Hamilton. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show with Guest Susan Hamilton Episode 21: Higher Percentage Choices   In life, there are rules that we follow.  Sometime we do follow them; sometimes we don’t.  I have to admit I sometime go over the speed limit, but I blame my car.  What we do really boils down to choice, isn’t it?  […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Von Daniel E18. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show Episode 18, Sharing Success by "Circling Up!" Sometimes in business, we get so busy we forget to share our goals. Sometimes we hoard information  because if I know something you don’t know, it might make me more powerful. While there are times when, as a leader, it is inappropriate to share all […]

Coffee with Claire: Finding Fun and Relevance in Your Workplace E19. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show Episode 19 Finding Fun and Relevance in Your Workplace There’s a song from the 80’s called “Wham Rap” – yes, Wham actually did do a rap song!  The line that sticks with me in that song is “do you enjoy what you do, if not, just stop, don’t stay there and rot! […]

Coffee with Claire with Guest Shelby Carino S1 Ep11. Watch every Friday at 9am CST.

About the Show EPISODE 11, MAKING PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR BY BEING SMART How good are you at setting goals for yourself…and then sticking to them? Sometimes we have the best of intentions, but the goals we make might be a bit overwhelming unless we take the time to break them into smaller steps. The […]

Coffee with Claire S1 Ep10 with Guest Lon RIcker. Watch every Friday at 9am

About the Show EPISODE 10, DO YOU HAVE A MISSION STATEMENT AND ARE YOU A STRONG LEADER? Do you have a personal or professional Mission Statement? Do you have core value statements? Are your actions congruent with what you state are important to your organization? Or do you let things slide because it’s just easier […]

Coffee with Claire S1Ep7 with Guest Mary Alonso

About the Show EPISODE 7, BREAKING FREE FROM THE PAST: FEELING THE MOMENT One of our biggest challenges is breaking free from the past.  Like chains that would hold us in physical bondage, memories and feelings from the past many times keep us from moving forward to what we really should be focusing on: our […]

Coffee with Claire S1 E6 with Guest Melissa Walker

About the Show EPISODE 6, MAKING EACH OTHER LOOK BRILLIANT: LEAVING YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR In improv, there is no room for ego. Improv is a team effort. If a team member is struggling, the team members need to figure out what they need, and offer it to them, before they ask. Isn’t that […]

Coffee with Claire S2 Ep3: Featuring Shelby Miles

About the Show EPISODE 3, THE SPIRIT-FED ENTREPRENEUER: "THE POWER OF ‘SHOULD.’"   In the “Spirit Fed Entrepreneur” several authors speak about how they were able to make the transformation from working in their heads to working through their hearts. This is a pretty big shift to make, as we all have those little voices […]

Coffee with Claire Episode 1 with Guest Jayne Rios CEO and Co-Founder

About the Show Guest Jayne is a nationally recognized Speaker, Author, Visionary co-Founder of Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN) and CEO of Women’s Global Leadership Alliance.  Jayne has 30 years experience in television, video and internet marketing.   Her passion is to empower and equip women by helping them realize their untapped potential for creating unlimited […]

Coffee with Claire S1 Ep9 with Guest Edward Lewellen. Watch every Friday at 9am

About the Show EPISODE 9, FINDING BALANCE AND BEING AUTHENTIC WITH YOURSELF We all have moments of self-doubt and feelings of “not being enough”…and then we have moments of elation and “we can rule the world!” attitudes. What happens between those two states is what we call balance.It’s breaking through the fog and understanding how […]