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Media Traffic with Tracey Bond

Media Traffic Show Episode Seven - FutureofPR Flippin PR Pitches w/ Tracey Bond Media #MaskOffChallenge Watch now on IG: MediaTrafficShow T: @mediatrafficsho Produced at PR

Media Traffic E6 with Tracey Bond: Magnetizing Your Media Message

About the show Episode 6: Magnetizing Your Media Message is essential for courting audience attraction. Tune in as Tracey Bond, Media Traffic PR Tv Show Host and Double Agent: Chief Virtual Publicist & US Press Agent at Prolific Personage PR equips viewers with 2017 PR industry standard tips!

Media Traffic Show Episode Five – PR Life Coaching For MVP Mastery

In this episode: "Media Traffic tv show host Tracey Bond media 'master-mines' a pr life coaching experience online with her new MVP PR Star client Crysta Wicks' with a branded & transparent story line. Tune in to join them both from the public relations sidelines in 'media traffic where Crysta Wicks, #THEBOSSWIFE (Ceo & Founder […]

Media Traffic Show with Tracey Bond Episode 4

Join Tracey Bond Media Traffic Show Host and her 'shooting sta'r PR client: Mary Bomar, CEO of A Perfect Silhouette, Intimates Boutique  Entrepreneur communicates her business solution story-glory touchpoints; showtelling viewers how to find a "prrrfect audience fit" online or offline the all-new MEDIA TRAFFIC TV SHOW (Channel): Disrupting Out-Of-Control Communications ("so you can build […]

Media Traffic with Tracey Bond and guest Tonya Biglow. Watch every Monday at 3pm CST

 About the Show Communicating Your PR - Horn Tooting You - Success and PR - They Pair Well Together Join Tracey Bond Media Traffic Show Host & Special Guest Tonya Biglow "The Philosophical Physicist" as they toot each other's horns and share professional tips that can help viewers "Move Messages Through Media Traffic" on the […]

WBTVN at the Oscars 2017

Women's Broadcast Television Network with Host of Expert Spotlight and co-founder of, Shea Vaughn reporting live at the 2017 Oscars in Los Angeles.

Media Traffic Show Episode 8 with host Tracey Bond

In Media Traffic Show Episode Eight: Reading Media and PR Danger Signs - Host Tracey Bond holds a candid (case study) conversation on screen w/ LIVE viewers on social media. Having served our U.S. nation [as a Presidential & US Ret. Army General Adviser] on future marketable skills, Tracey Bond held the public-facing position of […]