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Navigate Autism: Reduce Stress and Anxiety through Essential Oils

Watch every second and fourth Sunday at 8:00pm CST. In her debut episode, Jane Lynn Britton welcomes you to the first of many informative and entertaining shows where she shares techniques that helped her create a more harmonious and successful life with autism. In this episode, Jane Lynn talks about the importance of healthy and […]

How Facebook Can Support Families with Autism

Want to know which local dentist is great for kids with autism? Looking for family activities where you feel accepted? Just want to vent? Look no further than Facebook. In this episode, meet Karen and Stefanie who created a private FB group for parents and grandparents of children with autism in NJ. It is a […]

Navigate Autism with host Jane Lynn Britton S1E4: Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick!

Watch every 2nd and 4th Sunday  at 8:00pm CST How did I go from overwhelmed... to ... overjoyed, relaxed and in CONTROL? By finding the right support for me....and the perfect inspiration for my son to learn and grow. This literally CHANGED OUR LIVES! Meet Niko Antonellos, CEO and Founder of Sidekicks Support Services. Niko […]

Navigate Autism: Autism Siblings – Truths, Challenges, Joys 8:00pm CST

Watch every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 8:00pm CST. Raising a child with autism is stressful and challenging. It affects the whole family, especially the siblings. Hear the story of a sister who felt pushed aside so that her brother could get the support and attention he needed. And, how she found her unique way […]

Navigate Autism Episode 6 The Secret to Making Friends 8:00pm

Watch host Jane Lynn Britton Navigate Autism Episode 6 The Secret to Making Friends 8:00pm. Friends are a very important part of life. But it's not easy to make friends if you have autism. Meet William and learn how he became best friends with Joe and Tom. And, hear why Joe and Tom LOVE being […]

Autism Reality TV with host Jane Lynn Britton

Watch every second and fourth Sunday at 8:00pm CST. Jane Lynn welcomes you into her home for a "behind the scenes look" at her life with her son with autism. In 3 short segments, she demonstrates how she inspires William to engage with her in holiday activities and how she motivates him to connect with […]