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Movie Trailer: The Last Time (Domestic Violence)

Trailer:  The Last Time The Last Time is a domestic violence awareness film, starring Reece Odum and Wardell Richardson as "Jasmine and Justin Brimly." The film also stars Tommy Ford, Charmin Lee and DeEtta West. The Last Time premieres in Atlanta on March 2. The project is online @LastTimeMovie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Invisible Woman

Ever wondered more about the people that come in to clean the office when you're going home? Invisible Women tells the plight of Latin American migrant women in the UK. These are the women who clean the homes of the affluent, and the offices of our big city firms. They arrive early in the morning […]

14 Women

This video is about 14 women who are influencing US policy being a part of senate.  They could do it. And you can do it too! For you country, in your time.

I am a Girl

Directed by Rebecca Barry, co-founder of Media Stockade, "I Am a Girl" shares six distinct stories from around the world — Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, and the United States — told by adolescent girls on the brink of womanhood.