Tricia Brouk Filmmaker

Breaking Through Documentary by Tricia Brouk Filmmaker

In this short documentary, director Tricia Brouk goes behind the scenes to show how Jamie Broderick, founder of Success Connection, helps people shift mindset in order to become more successful in business and in life.

Matters of the Heart Episode 4 Matters of the Heart by Tricia Brouk

This is episode 4 of Sublets the series  Tricia Brouk directed that won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web Fest. The series is 8 episodes in total.

This Dinner Is Full Documentary directed by Tricia Brouk

On the 100th dinner of Chris Schembra's 747 club, director Tricia Brouk takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to serve up pasta sauce and empathy. Film directed by Tricia Brouk.