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edward-lewellen-professional-headshotWe all have moments of self-doubt and feelings of “not being enough”…and then we have moments of elation and “we can rule the world!” attitudes. What happens between those two states is what we call balance.It’s breaking through the fog and understanding how we show up that brings us to a truer way of representing ourselves – more authentically and with a clearer understanding of what outcome we would like to see as a result of the conversation.

Today’s guest, Ed Lewellen, is a transformational speaker, coach, author and leader. Dr. Lewellen holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Certified Master Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Life Coach and has an MBA in Management. He has been invited to speak to psychology and international departments of universities on Neuropathological Remodeling and Mind Management.

About Claire

claire“Coffee with Claire TV” is the new owner’s manual for women who want to realize the dream of conceiving, building and running a business. The show is intended to be an interactive experience for the viewer. You (the viewer) can choose just to watch or you can participate through the learning exercises online or by doing your homework assignment at the end of each show.

Each week, Claire will engage viewers by introducing a concept, interviewing a relevant guest and offering up educational and coaching options to reinforce the topic at hand. Along the way she will be following the fun (because that’s just who Claire really is!). And then there ishomework, too, for those who just need to learn more!

Want to jump ahead and see those lessons? Check out Claire’s coaching site and see what’s in store for the coming weeks.

With Claire’s improvisational comedy background, teaching, mentoring and servant leader mindset, watching her show will be both enlightening as well as entertaining.

“Coffee With Claire TV” is the brainchild of Claire Billingsley and Jayne Rios. Claire and Jayne met at a professional woman’s networking group a few years back and hit it off instantaneously. They worked on a joint book project that spoke about following your heart instead of your head in your business (“Spirit Fed Entrepreneur,” an Amazon Best Seller). Concurrently with this project, Jayne also developed the Women’s Global Alliance Network, an international empowerment forum for women.

When Claire received the call about the opportunity that Jayne and her business partner, Shea Vaughn (health and wellness expert and Vince Vaughn’s mom) were putting together, she instantly wanted in. Produced for the new Women’s Broadcast Television Network, a one-of-a-kind all-women-based broadcast platform, using cable and internet distribution, the show fills the bill for women-based content on those platforms.

Join Claire every Friday at 9 am Central Time on the WBTN channel, and keep informed of upcoming events here. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook as well as here on Coffee with Claire to stay up on all the fun things she always has up her sleeve!


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