Females Without Fear With Tiffany Kelly

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Join us for our Females Without Fear Life Mastery Featured Guest Series on WBTVN with Ms. Tiffany Kelly of Healing Waters. Tiffany will be sharing first hand experience of survival and what it took to turn things around in her life and save herself.

About Tiffany Kelly:
Tiffany White Kelly is a mother of two daughters, Akenya and Morgyn, residing in Mesquite, Texas. She is the founder and facilitator of the Healing Waters Initiative which aims to provide intervention, mobility, and redirection to empower people who, for one reason or another, have lost their way and desire another chance have a fulfilled life. Professionally, she is an administrator by trade, but by passion, Tiffany is a mentor, speaker, and minister in the household of God. She enjoys writing, and being a mother to in her opinion, the best children God’s ever created. She spends a great deal of her time counseling those in need around her. The fourth of five girls, Tiffany is an avid traveler and, like any girl, she loves shoes! In the months ahead, Ms. Kelly looks forward to the completion of her 1st published book "Overcoming Faithful Fear". It is a poignant peek into her own battle with fear and the steps she took to overcome it. It is a how-to book of sorts and leaves the reader stronger, bolder and more faith filled.


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