Althea Ledford

Editor of “E” The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive and CEO of  ETM media network

Each month ETM media produces a monthly publication titled E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. Over the last quarter E Magazine is moving from a monthly publication to a daily news platform provide current issues, forums and breaking news. The only difference is ETM will present News From a Balanced Perspective. Meaning Women will be equally represented in the discussions, forums and interpretation of issues.


While the website is currently under remodeling the lastest 12 issues can be viewed at this link.


E Magazine started 2 years ago quite accidentally when Althea was invited to be the director of NAFE Los Angeles. Having already published 6 books on topics ranging from children to social and business issues, she recognized an opportunity to showcase the talent from the NAFE speakers. After a few drafts and a rocky start, E magazine was born.


At the beginning all the writers came from the Nafe pool of talent. And aggressively promoted by NAFE leadership specifically Robbie Motter, the NAFE Global Coordinator. Over time the magazine has grown to over 60 writers in 7 countries. The distribution started with NAFE and in now reaching a base of 1.4 million women and men.  E Magazine now has readers on every continent which grows each month.


With the launching of ETM news media site, E magazine will be experience another area of growth placing it within the group of small media networks. These are still the early days, but E magazine and ETM media networks have landed on a niche that will be around for a long time to come.


More on Background and Education

She is also the founder of The GateBook Company, a publishing and social media company. Althea holds over 20 years of experience in financial markets, business development and technology startups. She’s interviewed hundreds of small business owners, families, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Peter Drucker granted her the honor of opening one of his classes with a lecture on “expert systems”-she didn’t ask him, he asked her.  She has a Masters in Management of Information Science from Claremont Graduate University, SISAT School of Information Systems and Technology and an MBA from The Drucker Graduate School of Management. She has designed several systems and software specifically, an analytical software that facilitates cognitive recognition of high volume data, hyper dynamic or complex data.


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