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Doneane Beckcom is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Health & Wellness Coach, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Speaker and Best Selling Author. She specializes in helping women, who are experiencing hormonal changes as they age, find natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy through proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Her passion for helping women gain better health, restore confidence and joy, and relieve symptoms stems from walking her own complicated health journey through chronic illness and hormone imbalance. Finding her own healing through nutrition and Yoga, Doneane's desire is to help others obtain the same result.

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Doneane is also the CEO of Bold Radio Station, an internet radio platform with a kaleidoscope of talented hosts sharing a wide variety of topics. Doneane hosts a weekly show every Friday at 1PM EST. "Hot Mamas, Living Better at Any Age" is a fun a light-hearted show about women's issues. You won't want to miss this dynamic show, with awesome guests and loads of fun!

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