Felicia Reed: Females without Fear

Founder and Owner of Put It In Perspective, LLC

Ms. Reed is a certified Life Purpose, Spiritual and Christian Coach (member of the International Coach Federation) as well as a Holistic Wellness Advocate with proven results.  She works with groups and individuals to promote positive and constructive life changes and healing modalities. She has a firm belief that the better we feel, the better we are able to live productive lives. Ms. Reed is a survivor of several life-altering traumatic experiences where she firmly believes that coaching and self-healing saved her life.  She understands building the required determination and desire through difficult times to move forward.  She works to provide coaching services to clients virtually in person.

In addition, Ms. Reed has over 20 years of process engineering experience including many years of financial management experience.  She has served at both the state and local education levels to provide process improvement support.  Ms. Reed is a quality management professional who works to infuse best practices in large organizations as well as personal lives through coaching and mentoring.  Ms. Reed is committed to life learning and participates in an array of different learning environments to stay abreast on techniques and trends in the coaching and quality fields.

With a strong desire to give back, Ms. Reed has served on various boards and assisted with community service programs as a key volunteer and activist.  Currently, she supports many local and national organizations in the areas of wellness and quality.  She has been passionate about sharing quality management concepts with everyone she touches.  She’s certain that these quality management tools also make great life purpose tools and therefore, helps others to apply these techniques to achieve positive results.  After all, LIFE IS A PROCESS and we are all trying to get from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Ms. Reed resides in Maryland but works globally to make a difference. Her client base spans from California to Russia.  The Put It In Perspective website is  The company FaceBook page is  Her team can be reached at