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Kristi Ellen: All Things Possible

Transformational Coach, Mystic and Host of All Things Possible

About Kristi

Certified Shaman Shaman Practitioner and Transformational Coach, Kristi Ellen Peterson is known for her ability to use different forms of artistic expression such as: music, dance, writing, and mosaic art to help her clients heal their emotional wounds that are holding them back.

Kristi’s love of art and personal development have led her to work with many different world renowned teachers including; Victoria Allen of the Four Agreements, Sonia Choquette of Six Sensory, Denise Linn of Soul Coach, Debbie Ford of Relationship Workshop, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Alberto Villoldo Ph.D of the Four Winds Society in Utah and Peru which led her to start her own life coaching business called Soul Healer’s Path.

As the creator of the Mosaic Healing Gardens, and owner of Healing Art Productions Kristi found a safe place to invite and encourage people to come and heal. Today she shared her dynamic ability to engage and effectively create change in the lives of her listeners with her own International internet radio talk show called “Welcome to the Mosaic Gardens” on the 7th Wave Channel of VoiceAmerica, the leader in internet media. She will soon be appearing on Women’s Broadcast Television Network called “All Things Possible” and W4wn Women 4 Women Network and iheart radio in February. Kristi is now working with Patty Audrey of Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison of Bradley Publishing to get her book “A Woman’s Journey Through Fear” which will be out in in April published as a international best seller.

Kristi’s message is to

“Believe in Your Possibilities Creating Beautiful Art with Life’s Shattered Pieces

*See Yourself Beautiful

*It’s Never Too Late

*Life’s Ever-Learning Process Women are masters at hiding emotional pain and discomfort.

Without an outlet for healing, lives are irreparably damaged and compromised.

Kristi is a expert in mosaic healing art and her Target market: Women Groups, Divorce Recovery, Domestic Violence Recovery, Teens in Crisis, Chakra and Energy Groups, Spiritual Healing Groups, etc.

Kristi’s Programs:

Spirit Meditation and Movement healing

The Shaman within Change your Story

Change your Life The Incredible Power of the Mind.

Just because you think it does not make it real Hitting the Wall and going over it by clearing the imprints from your past relationships

Staying Centered as the World Spins through the Healing Gift of Art

The Four Keystone Principles to Creating an Inspiring Life and

Taking off the Masks and Loving the Beauty within.

Are changing the lives of the people she is share her presentations with.

She is also a workshop presenter, life coach and teachers her students how to use spirit meditative dance, mosaic art, and writing to create new stories that help support them in accomplishing their goals. Kristi is currently looking for opportunities to share her concept of “The Art of Healing” to “remind others to create and share their unique gifts with the world” with large audiences at local and national conferences.

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