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Tracey "Media Magnate" Bond's favorite quote: “The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me WHAT I THOUGHT, and ATTENDED to MY ANSWER.” — Henry David Thoreau
Bond says: "...The Name is BOND, TRACEY is my mediaphillic introduction: a daily double press agent who start began with Pulitzer Newspapers and a press advisor to Ret. Pres. Clinton & Ret. Gen. Colin Powell and other dignitaries, Hollywood Celebrity publicist at New Media PR, & the new TV Show Host of "Media Traffic: Disrupting out-of-control communications."


Bond is also a bestselling Spirit Fed Entrepreneurship author, self-publisher, executive book producer at, AW Speak Into The PODlight PR Radio Show host, multi-branded eCommerce hair industry proprietor...and vetted one of Linked In's Top 100 Women To Connect With in 2015. Most can find Bond on-AIR, online, just about anytime moving & shaking up the new media PR industry with un-fictionalized momentum.


She's an authentic-never-figmented real life 'Bond Girl' born for these times by divine intelligent design...and on the 007th Day of a bountiful harvest month.
She loves researching, interviewing, showcasing & showtelling the accomplishments of EXTRAordinary people. In her mind there are no competitors because she deeply understands that individuals have been created for the most unique meet, hear and repeat their stories is simply fascinating."


If there's such a descriptive as socialite, then Bond's social-medialite status developed from a Chicago-hustler culture that mandated success or else..where she fiercely niches her marketable skills in media-preneurship industry trades and transactions.


Bond's 30 + years of multi-industry accomplishments experiences continue to vet her success shaped with a diamond rocked reputation. Where other US urban cultures may thrive on mainstream-media-crafted staging & hype, Bond stays whimsical on the fly & perfectly mysterious on great purpose…


...A social business intelligence agent; a humane resource for the advancement of social good of a critically deep thinking and ever-conscious humanity would best describe Tracey to a sweet "T."
Daily one can find this Bond girl publishing the "Whos Who, need-to-know info" about what they do for impact in media marketplaces.


Securing PR News headlines for the ahh-mazing clientele in her new media specialized pr-ops catalogue are a sampling social business few of her fav-ohh-right things to do. Keep her media presence invited to newsworthy events you want to higlighted; she'll publish "GOOD News about you too in the #BondGirl007eNewsRoom, a United States Press Agency powered worldwide news spotlight!


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