It Starts in The Mouth with Chef Sharynne Frazer

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On today’s show Chef Sharynne will talk about:

  1. What are Lectins? – slide presentation
  2. What are Nightshades?- slide presentation
  3. Your Mouth…Your Health – Chef Sharynne
  4. Teeth stains, what it could mean – Chef Sharynne
  5. Hot, cold, sweet, sour sensitivities what it means - Chef Sharynne
  6. Bad breath and its causes - Chef Sharynne
  7. Bleeding gums is it ok? - Chef Sharynne
  8. Gum Size - Chef Sharynne
  9. Your Tongue – slide presentation
  10. Canker Sores (cold sores) must be treated – could lead to cancer – Chef Sharynne

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