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It’s time for women to change this world by making their own contribution to history.

Begin with yourself

We’re here if you need to talk

Find us: 200-398 Gloria Dr Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

We create content by women for women. The main direction is an online show, where there will be little by little everything about everything.

We are the first online TV network exclusively for women, with over 30 million viewers worldwide thanks to you.

We share our female secrets, knowledge, and life hacks to make your life more beautiful and easier. We have a special course of lectures.

You can always ask for help. We’re here if you need to talk. We will support you in difficult times and expect that you will do it for us.

Lots of entertaining content that you will find cute and funny (we are not discussing men.) A lot of interesting and exciting things.

We also love expensive jewelry, we can tell you what to wear, what to buy, and what does not emphasize your best features. 

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We are a women's broadcasting and communications network that is created and supported only by women and made for a female audience only. (if you are a man, you have nothing to do here). We share knowledge and support. Society of like-minded sisters. We are united in views on life and fashion and will build our own world.

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